Office Removals Newcastle

Newcastle office removals

Office Removals Newcastle by More Than Removals. Whether you are a small company moving across the road, or a multisite corporation moving nationally, at More Than Office Removals Newcastle we have the experience and resources to carry out your business removal seamlessly.

We start by visiting you. This allows us to gain a full understanding of you, your business, and what you are looking for in a removal. We offer a range of removal services and timescales dependent on your needs. Regardless of size, each stage of your business relocation is managed by a commercial removal consultant from start to finish.

Key Benefits

At More Than Office Removals Newcastle, we can offer a complete office move package to minimize disruption and downtime to your business. 

Some commercial clients prefer to designate a period of downtime during which their removal can take place. Others prefer to keep things running whilst the move goes ahead, carrying on with business continuity. We will happily explain the benefits of each of these approaches. If necessary, we can come to a happy medium to best suit you.

All of our commercial removal crews are fully trained and experienced in maintaining a professional attitude, and minimising any potential disruption to your staff as we go about our work.

Minimise your downtime

Our advised method of carrying out an office removal is as follows. The move occurs in two stages, separating out your contents as essential and non-essential. The essential items are those items of furniture, computer equipment, and documentation that your business and employees need to ensure smooth operation. We remove the non-essential items and locate these into your new premises in advance.

Following this, it is a relatively short and straightforward process to move the remaining, essential items, placing them exactly where they need to be, ensuring that you can be up and running as quickly as possible.

What now?

Speak to an advisor

We will always carry out a site visit to understand the requirements of your move, and to speak to you about your specific needs, prior to providing a written quote. As with our domestic removals, each move is covered by £50,000 or insurance as standard, but this is increasable if necessary.