Box Storage

If you’re selling your home, you need it to look at its best for your viewers and potential buyers. It is a widely accepted fact that clutter detracts from the appeal of your home. Our box storage service offers a simple and economical solution to this problem, relieving you of the clutter that you don’t need, whilst enabling you to continue living in your home.

Selling Your House?

If your property is on the market, you want to make it look as attractive as possible to potential buyers. It is widely accepted that clutter detracts from your home, and can put these buyers off. Our box storage service is a simple, cost-effective way of freeing up space in the short or long term, you don’t need to leave your door.


Looking for a cost-effective, quick, and easy solution to clutter? We can help. Our box storage service helps you to cut down on clutter with the minimum disruption to you and your family. You need your home to look at its best, whilst still being able to live in it.

How It Works

Furniture Storage

With this service, we can also collect and store items of furniture and appliances, simply let us know what you have, and we will provide you with a full inventory of items going to storage. Our team can help you arrange collection and redelivery at short notice, no matter the address within the UK.